Mini Crosser child X1/X2 4W

Mini Crosser adapted to children/small adults

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  • Strong and comfortable Stable - with a unik suspension Safe and Visible Very good LED lights User weight up to 175 kg as std.
  • Technical data X1 4W X2 4W
    Article No 1500-1369 1500-1370
    Transport height without seat (steering column folded down) 69 cm 70 cm
    Total length 140 cm 140 cm
    Total width 66 cm 66 cm
    Total weight incl. batteries, without seat 144 kg 144 kg
    Total weight incl. batteries and seat 169,5 kg 169,5 kg
    Max. speed 15 km/h 15 km/h
    Turning radius 165 cm 165 cm
    Max. user weight standard 175 kg 175 kg
    Max. user weight incl/accessories HD 250 kg 250 kg
    Max. driving disatance incl. 56 Ah batteries Up to 35 km Up to 35 km
    Max. driving disatance incl. 75/80 Ah batteries Up to 45 km Up to 45 km
    Standard color Orange metallic Orange metallic
    For more information See manuals
  • MC X1 GB User guideDownload
    MC X1 GB Quick guideDownload
    MC X2 GB User guideDownload
    MC X2 GB Quick guideDownload
    MC X2 NL BrugervejledningDownload
    MC X2 NL Quick guideDownload
    MC X2 FR User guideDownload
    MC X2 FIN User guideDownload
  • Q: Is it ok to drive when it rains?

    A: Yes the vehicle may be used in rainy weather. However, it is recommended to use a seat cover. Note! Although the vehicle can withstand water, do not flush with water hose or high pressure cleaner. It can damage the vehicle's electronics. Clean with a damp cloth, if necessary. with mild soap solution.
  • PUP_20-010Download
    PUP_20-006 M2/X2 brugerpanelDownload
    PUP_20-005 Eberspächer timerDownload
    PUP_20-004 Generel info X-modelDownload
    mc2009_app rev 32Download
    MC X1 15 KM PROGRAMDownload
    MC X1 10 KM PROGRAMDownload
    MC X2 15 KM PROGRAMDownload
    MC X2 10 KM PROGRAMDownload

Mini Crosser child X1/X2 4W

Mini Crosser adapted to children/small adults

New design and improvements to make your driving experience better than ever. New larger wheels that roll easier and provide less resistance. New suspension that better meets the different needs.

New lighting! LED lights that really light up the road in the dark. And makes you very visible in the traffic.

Electrical and mechanical freewheel mechanism. Makes it easy to disconnect / connect the breakes.

New front chassis. A unique suspension that gives you a great driving experience. The suspension minimas the vibrations in the handlebars and makes driving very comfortable, even on uneven ground. The turning radius has also been reduced.

The multi-adjustable handlebar has cardan joints that can be adjusted in angle and height. This provides an ergonomic and good riding position that requires little arm strength and movement. The X1 has an intuitive display that is easy to understand.

X2 has a more advanced display with trip counter, speedometer, tilt warning and the option of parental control for adjusting the maximum speed.

Ergo 2 Series: We are expanding our range of seats so that Ergo2 is now available in sizes: 35,40,45,50,60 and 70 cm,

The market's largest range of seats. We do not believe in one size fits all.

You just HAVE to try it!


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