MC1124 Low Rider R-NET Spinalus-2 MWD

Low Rider - seat height at 39 cm - suitable in cars!

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  • Lowest seat heightSuitable in carsRotates on its axisCompact Direction stableSuspension on all wheelsHigh seating comfortGreat customization optionsCrash tested
  • Article No2400-1232
    Total length with split leg rests Min. 120 cm / Max. 172 cm
    Total length with central foot plateMin. 120 cm / Max. 172 cm
    Total length without leg rests Min. 90 cm / Max. 90 cm
    Total width Min. 62 cm / Max. 72 cm
    Weight incl. batt, Spinalus seat (45 cm), split legrests, headrest, swing away and joystick 169 kg
    Weight incl. batt, Spinalus seat (45 cm), electric central footplate adult, headrest, swing away and joystick174 kg
    Weight without batteries, seat, leg supports, headrest, swing away and joystick. 90 kg
    Max. speed10 km/h
    Edge Climbing7 cm
    W/docking station5,5 cm
    Turning diameter 90 cm
    Max. user weightt 150 kg
    Batteries 2 x 12 V / 60 Ah GEL/2 x 24V Lithium 80 Ah (alternative)
    Charging time 8 hours
    Driving distance 45 km (*)
    Seat surface height at front edge (floor to top of seat frame) Spinalus-2 (not tilted)39 cm
    Effective seat width Spinalus-2 40, 45, 50, 55 cm
    Effective seat width Spinalus30, 35, 40 cm
    Effective seat depth Spinalus-2 35–55 cm
    Effective seat depth Spinalus 25-45 cm
    Seat surface height without/cushion 39 cm
    (*) Driving distance is depending on: temperature, wind, terrain, tyre pressure and user weight.See the user guide for more details
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MC1124 Low Rider R-NET Spinalus-2 MWD

Low Rider - seat height at 39 cm - suitable in cars!

Focusing on flexibility, driving characteristics and a distinctive seating comfort make the MC1124 Low Rider tailor-made for the European market.

The low seat height of 39 cm for the seat plane (alternatively 43 or 45 cm) makes the chair very attractive when the space is limited, for example when used in a car.

MC1124 has 6 wheels and center drive. All 6 wheels have independent suspension which means you have all the wheels on the ground even when driving on ruff ground.

The MC1124 Low Rider has a speed of 10 km/h, and standard equipped with the gyro stabilizer – this provide the MC1124 Low Rider a good traction and stability on sloping and uneven ground.

Our Spinalus-2 seat system, which is mounted on the MC1124 Low Rider, provides the highest seating comfort in the market.

Whit our Spinalus-2 seat system and the wide range of accessories. We want to ensure that the end-user is given the best functionality and seat comfort possible.

Spinalus-2 seat system can be adjusted in the seat width from 40 – 45 -50 and 55 cm. The seat depth can be adjusted from 35 to 55 cm. Seat height can be adjusted up to 8 cm.

Advanced length compensation (curvature) for the seat back, with the possibility to adjust the compensation in order to provide the optimum for the end-user.

Alternative seat and back cushions are available as accessories. These will cover different requirements for support and stability.

Dynamically moving back, armrests and leg rests allow you to elegantly change position from sitting to resting position without affecting positioning in the chair.

The wide range of accessories and the many options for seating options provide a unique opportunity to adapt the chair to many different needs.

The chair is crash tested with straps and docking and is approved according to the requirements of ISO 7176-19.


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