Mini Crosser X-Joy

-if you can not use ordinary control

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Mini Crosser X-Joy

-if you can not use ordinary control

Varenummer: MC X-JOY

Mini crosser X-Joy with joystick control is designed for people with limited strength and function in the arms and hands. ( People with stroke)

New suspension for even better shock absorption and comfort. The improved suspension also makes it better for climbing obstacles.

Long wheelbase for good directional stability and comfortable driving on longer trips.

New design and new LED lights that really light up the road in the dark. For added security, it is equipped with marker lights that increase visibility in traffic.

The transfer grip with leg-shielding provide safety both during transfer and while driving.

The well-known PG R-Net electronics offer many options for alternative controls.

Mini Crosser X-Joy is the only joystick controld wheelchair that can be fitted with a cabin.

This is just part of what we can offer with the Mini Crosser X-Joy. Contact us for further information. We solve most challenges.

Mini crosser X-joy is a powerfull electric wheelchair for outdoor use. Built in Denmark for the Nordic climate and terrain.

The vehicle is shown with optional equipment.


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